John Mayer Playboy Interview Shocker! Really?

Posted on April 26, 2010


People are shocked and hurt by John Mayer’s March 2010 Playboy interview. Really?

We’re shocked that a person who’s been told all his life by his society that he’s the right race, gender and sexual orientation – and rich and successful to boot – would be racist, sexist, closed- and small-minded.


I thought it would have been more startling an interview had it revealed that Mayer had somehow transcended his own societal pre-destination. Like those “black dudes” he was referring to.

Intellectualism and verbal dexterity having very little to do with intelligence… I thought this was well established.

The man is 32. Which in male-years is about 19 (sorry, guys). So let him have his “cool guy” moments in the sun.

The only thing that will be truly sad is if he lives long enough to see that age where you’ve actually matured. Because then you get to experience the joy of spending the rest of the your life being embarrassed by the awkward things you said when you were younger, and thought you knew it all.

But to be mad at him? Seriously?

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