“The Losers” Didn’t Have to Suck

Posted on April 26, 2010


Where to begin with The Losers.

First of all, whose idea was it to hire Sylvain White? Those were some of the most awkward scenes I have seen in a movie since Valentine’s Day.

Why wouldn’t Joel Silver go look for a young and hungry, modern and visceral director like Uni did with Zach Snider and the remake of the Dawn of the Dead? Dead was not the best movie ever made, but you could see Snider’s sensibilities in the first 15 mins of the movie.

What could anyone see with Stomp the Yard in relation to a project like Losers? At the very least – as with Wanted – give us the visual style that made the books so readable. Page for page, it was Jock’s style that made The Losers worth buying month after month. Yet the movie looked like I made it in my backyard. And I am by no means a filmmaker.

The second issue is the property itself. Not the most original of comic book ideas, nor even all that fresh– “derivative” would be the best description. And yet Diggle was able to give us Clay and Aisha al-Fadhil, two of the most dynamic pairing to come along in a long time, trashing their way through those very standard, done-to-death scenarios with a whole lot of originality.

I’m not a stickler for “what’s in the book,” but everything that was vaguely captivating about the comics was precisely what was left out of the movie. Revealing the big bad guy right from the start and making him out to be a silly cuckoo–yes, great idea.

And yes of course, why not turn Aisha – the terror in the dark for all bad guys – into Clay’s little piece on the side, occasionally victimized by other characters the way a good little female character ought to be. Also a great idea. Why not.

The Losers is not The A-Team, low rent or otherwise. It’s a lower-budget Wild Geese of sorts. It’s not meant to be light fun, it’s meant to be hardcore awesomeness, for lack of a better phrase. It’s meant to be down-to-earth dirty, irreverent, and chockfull of batsh*t. And for a $25M budget, they could have afforded to push the envelope.

The movie was very well cast (except for Jason Patric), but that was all it had going for it. The bottom line is that they took an AK-47 and turned it into a toy…yet wanted us to believe it would still blow sh*t up. Not really.

The Losers is a franchise property, Joel Silver. Stop effing it up.

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